About eight tokyo

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eight tokyo is a trademark registered eyewear brand of Eight Co., Ltd.

It is a new brand that was born in Tokyo in 2015.

Our representative, Kameyama, has accumulated a track record in the eyewear industry for more than 10 years, and launched it with the desire to "distribute really good products at reasonable prices."

Based on the relationship of trust with Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, where eyeglasses are produced, we are making items that incorporate "sunglasses lenses" and "high-performance reading glasses" that have functions that are not well known in the world. ..

I want to be a bridge that connects producers who have good technology but do not know how to sell it with customers who are thinking about eye and skin care.

In order to spread good things to the world at a price that is easy to pick up, we do not have a physical store and develop only by EC (net shop) in order to keep costs down.

At the beginning of sales, it was said that glasses and sunglasses could not be sold online, but overturning that common sense, the number of glasses sold is increasing year by year.

We will continue to take on challenges every day to become a brand that will please both our customers and producers.

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Eight Co., Ltd. Representative Director Hiroshi Kameyama